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Hi, I am Lucie, owner of Sweet Heavy Fresh. I have been a hairdresser for over 15 years now. I started in Prague where I studied and soon after started working for the salon 'Hair Gods'. After a couple of years I felt I needed to learn more and expand my horizons so I moved to London.


I stayed for 2 years and gained invaluable hairdressing experience during my time in the city, but as you all know rainy days can be hard so with this in mind I packed my bags and moved to sunny Barcelona where lived for 4 years!


Since 2015 Berlin has been my home, and I feel happy and inspired in this crazy place! Even though I am settled here I do still miss my beautiful hometown of Prague, which is why I go back on a regular basis to see my fantastic customers and spend more time getting to know them.

Lucie speaks English, Czech and Spanish. Book appointment for Lucie online 

My name is Pavla and I am orginally from Czech Republic. My life has always been related to beauty salons. My mother is also a hairdresser so I spent a lot of time in her hair salon since I was small and in my adolescence I began to help her as an assistant, there I observed what she did. Although I didn't want to become a hairdresser in that age yet.

When I finished high school, a few years later I decided to continue my studies, this time training in the hairdressing profession.
Something inside me was telling me to follow that path. I moved to Prague and started working here. 
In 2004 I won second place in a men's haircut contest. That year I started working in the Aquatro salon, which later changed its name to KO Hairhods, where I stayed for many years.

I started working using TIGI brand products and there they provided me with ongoing training that I really enjoyed and that made me realize that being a hairdresser was what I really wanted. Thanks to TIGI I had the opportunity to go to London to participate in one of the training courses. Since 2009 I have been working on my own and this allows me to have more flexibility to continue growing as a person and to do my job with love.


I love the Spanish language and also its culture. I love to dance, I enjoy healthy food, I support causes to help animals and personal development.

Pavla speaks Czech and Spanish. Book appointment for Pavla by calling + 420 733 508 516.




Lublaňská 39

12000 Prague

Mon - Fri :

10am - 8pm

Sat - Sun :

11am - 8pm


You can send message to us from chat or call

+420 720 022 384

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